Fractal-Based Point Processes
Steven Bradley Lowen, Malvin Carl Teich
Wiley, 2005
ISBN: 0-471-38376-7

Fractal-Based Point Processes is the first book to address the systematic analysis, modeling, and synthesis of point processes with fractal characteristics. These processes model a wide variety of real-world phenomena from a diverse array of disciplines including engineering, mathematics, statistics, medicine, psychology, and geophysics.

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C program source code
This tar-gzip archive contains the source code for all C programs used for simulating, modifying, and analyzing the data sets in Fractal-Based Point Processes, and is for use only in connection with this book. For help with the tar-gzip archive format on Mac machines, please enter "man gzip" and "man tar" in a terminal window. For help with the tar-gzip archive format on Windows machines, please load the gzip home page, and scroll down to the phrase "To extract .tar and .tar.gz files...."

Data sets

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